How long should breakfast be after drinking warm water in the morning?

By the way, normally a gap of two hours is considered to be necessary between our hot drink and our breakfast. Because when we drink warm water, then the dirt deposited in the intestines in our stomach starts loosening and reaching the anal passage.

When we drink water on an empty stomach in the morning, the feces stuck in our intestines start to loose and move downwards due to the hot water, and the air made from it starts slipping downwards due to the heat. Many times the stool becomes too thick due to which the stool is reduced immediately due to which we either eat spicy food with spices or water intake is reduced throughout the day, due to which the waste of food becomes very hard. is,

In such a situation, if we have breakfast immediately after drinking hot water, then the body starts the process of decomposing the newly eaten food, in such a way, the digestive function of the decomposed food also starts to affect and the chances of spoilage also deteriorate. Starts to grow.

Where food is the right choice after clearing the stomach, eating before the stomach is not completely empty is not only a wrong habit, but it also promotes the amount of fat, fat, fats in the body.

If after two hours of drinking hot water, if you have breakfast, then during these two hours, all your waste is either drained out or absorbed in the subsurface. Those who go far beyond the intestines do not produce vata, gall, phlegm, etc. Tridosha.

The interval of two hours in hot water and food intake is a standardized time period which is correct. But if you want to consume something else after consuming hot water, you can consume the water item, but that too after half an hour. Like we have to eat tea or coffee. Because if tea is milk in coffee, then milk also contains fats. And when we drink tea coffee immediately after hot water, then many times there is a problem of dysentery, torsion in the stomach, which causes diarrhea.

This is why you should keep two hours between hot water and breakfast. Which is considered to be the standard time for our physical health.

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