Is eating meat beneficial for the body?

I have answered the question before, but perhaps the questioner removed the question. So now I am enjoining the detailed answer with this question.

May be beneficial for the body, but not beneficial for the mind and brain. You will tell us the right and wrong by commenting in the comment field after the answer.

I used to eat meat before 2009. In Rajasthan, Rajputs start eating meat from childhood. Meat is considered ordinary food.

I hated eating meat for the first time, when I was coming home from school in class 10 on a cycle. On the way, a puppy was beaten to death by a carriage. The flesh inside it was visible. Some such as:

Seeing the flesh of the dog got distracted. Go home and tell the mother everything. Mother is a pure vegetarian, she explained that there are thousands of good things to eat on earth, but humans only taste in meat. He never stopped us from eating, used to say that he would leave himself when he understood himself.

I stopped eating meat. But, sometimes he ate eggs.

In 2012, KFC once again started eating meat, one day in 2013 saw chickens in a truck loaded with a straw.

Saw something like this, just understood that meat is not for me, these creatures are being hurt because I want ‘taste’ in food. Some of my friends argue that if we do not eat, the eco-recycling system will be damaged. I give them the same answer, so many chickens or goats are not born, they are prepared for you by ‘injection’.

If demand increases, production will also increase, just like milk. Now you know how pure milk is. In the same way, these organisms are made larger by injection. It is dirty but it is a business. Aditya Birla sahib is made of high quality. They have a business ‘Peacock’ retail store, go to the peacock, you will get meat of good quality. The meat industry in India is worth Rs 3 lakh crore, sir. If you do not eat, then how will the money be made.

Never eat eggs, nor meat since 2013. Just regretting the mistake of eating one or two times in 2012 was different. Dad and brother still eat chicken mutton at home. But I never stopped or explained to anyone. Because I think this enlightenment should be done by yourself, what is right and what is wrong.

I have no problem with non-vegetarians, but just hate those who are carnivorous, who call cow, buffalo, dog meat a sin, but are fed by chicken and mutton, and justify eating. If there is sin, the meat of the chicken is also a sin, and the meat of the cow. Because everyone is equal. Everyone has a heart, a kidney, a breast, a liver, so how is someone’s flesh different?


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