Some effective tips to increase weight quickly

Weight gain is as important for us as it is to lose weight, even if your weight is increased, you are upset and if you are under weight then you are still upset because it is very important to have normal weight in our lifestyle. It does not cause any disease in our body.

Gain Weight Quickly

But when your weight is more or less, then many types of diseases can occur in your body and the common man is not able to make the body powerful.

It is very difficult for me to gain weight but it is not so hard as you think because some people use medicines found in the market to gain weight but they do not get any kind of benefit and then In the end they start eating more food .

Increase Weight Quickly तेजी से वजन बढ़ाएं

Due to which the food does not get digested in their body and they fall ill, then you should never do this. You should always eat healthy, never eat fast food and useless substances, because of this, many types of nutrients and hormones in your body May be lacking.

Many people start eating too much to gain weight, so some people do not have the desire to eat food, so you must always eat food cleanly and on time, so that your cells get good nutrition and nutrients at the right time. Ways to grow and your weight increases.

Weight gain measures: –

Measures to increase calories: –

As you know that a normal person who consumes 2000 gal per day, you will need more calories than that, only then you can increase your weight, then there are some natural remedies to increase the calories so that you can increase your weight Huh:-

For making: – You will get better banana milk, dates, cardamom and desi ghee which are from the cow. And how to use them properly, you must know this, so let’s start: –

To increase weight, you should consume two glasses of milk daily and if you consume it in the morning, then eat the banana along with it, and you have to take the same banana from the market, you should consume the same banana on which there are dark spots. Black spots are a sign of health banana.

How to make juice: –

So first of all, take a glass of milk, mix two chopped bananas in the office, then you add half a teaspoon of cardamom powder and after that one spoon of desi ghee which is of cow is very good and helps in increasing your body. is.

Then you can drink the drink at any time before breakfast and after breakfast, but if you consume it after breakfast then you will feel more beneficial. With this, you will get 400 500 calories in your body, due to which your body weight or else health will start to deteriorate. And yes if you use cardamom work border then it will prove to be 2 times beneficial for your body and along with that you use cow also, it does not give you strength and also helps in increasing your weight.

Milk and date drink: –

If you do not get discharged during the day and if you get it right now, then for some reason you do not use banana and milk, but you want to do something at night so that our weight increases, then you have plenty of milk and dates in it. Only you can deliver beneficially.
(a) When and how to consume milk and dates: –

You can make milk and dates services and drink it if you do not have fresh dates, then you leave it in the glass during the day and add milk ghee to it and then when you are going to sleep then only consume it If you want to increase its sweetness and add a little jaggery to it, it has many benefits in your body, one of them reduces your weight, drink has many more benefits.

As your body will become healthy and your body will grow, its effect will also be visible in your face and hair, if you are weak in sex, then it will give you strength and increase of hormones in male body and estrogen hormone in women body. Due to which the increase in the breast of women.

If you adopt it daily then after 1 to 2 weeks your body will definitely change and strength will also increase.
Eat peanuts: –

Consuming peanuts also increases your weight, if you eat a little peanut both in the morning and in the evening then it is very good and eat it only when you eat food, that is, we can say that eating peanuts Do it after meals. Many types of benefits are provided to your body by this. By eating this, our body gets 100 to 150 calories of energy. You can use peanut butter made from peanuts, why it is 100 percent natural and whether it is made of peanuts and there are many other nutrients in it. Are beneficial for your body.

Some effective tips to increase weight quickly: –

• To increase weight, you should consume turmeric more and more, like eggs, milk and lentils should be consumed at least once in a day because protein is the most found in lentils.

• You can also consume raisins to gain weight, it also gives many benefits to your body and one of them is to increase the weight.

• You can consume mangoes to increase weight, it can also be provided to your body, consume 2 to 3 mangoes throughout the day, by consuming it, your body gets 135 calories of energy.

• Apart from all these and it is not herbs like asparagus and ashwagandha in the Veda, it is very beneficial to reduce your bhajan, by mixing its powder with milk and consuming it gives many benefits to your body.

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