What is Mineral Water? What water should we drink?

Mineral Water क्या है पूरी जानकारी? हमे कौन सा पानी पीना चाहिए

What is Mineral Water, so many brands like Parivartan Mineral Water, Bislehri, Aquafina, etc. first come to your mind, so today we are going to talk to you all about this!

You get a lot of brand and bottled water in the market, so is all mineral water! So my answer will be no, mineral water is a different thing! And packaged drinking water is a different thing!

Parivartan Pure Mineral Water

The government has set different codes for these two different brands! And it is very important for us to understand which is mineral water and which is packaged drinking water! And what is the difference between the two, let’s know .

What is Mineral Water?

Mineral Water is a special kind of water, it means that it is water full of mineral elements! This water test is very good! And it is also very good for our health! This water is taken from some special natural source, where many beneficial minerals are found in the soil!

There is a huge difference between this water and our tap water! There are natural sources of water like waterfalls, fountains, fountains, etc. This water is very good for health! And it tastes great too! Mineral water is a bit expensive! Compared to Packaged Water!

What is Packaged Drinking Water?

It is a normal water coming from the tap, it can be tap anywhere, it is clean water! It is packed by filtering water, that is, by filtering it and chemical processing it! It is up to the company to add mineral elements etc. to this packaged bottle of water.

Some companies add a lot of mineral and mineral elements to it, while some companies do not mix at all! When you drink this water, you realize that the test is different!

How to identify Mineral Water and Packaged Water?

In general, you can also identify it by its bottle, as some mineral water companies are: – Vos Artesian, Avian Natural Mineral Water, Perrier Sparkling Water, Aqua Panna, Vein, Tata Himalayan, Bisleri Vedika, etc. Many more company Mineral Water Makes it!

परिवर्तन शुद्ध खनिज जल

And if you talk about Packaged Drinking Water, then it is a normal water! You will find it easily at every shop! If you talk about its company, then you will get the bottle of Kinley, Aquafina, Bislehari, Rail Neer, etc.

Bureau of Indian Standards, an organization in India, is a standards body in India that sets a standard in the field of food and more products! BIS has given a mark for both water!

The mark of IS 14543 on this bottle means that it is a Packaged Drinking Water!

And the bottle on which you mark IS 13428 means that it is mineral water! With this, you can easily find out which water you are going to drink, which water is it!

Which water should we drink?

If both water comes from inside the ground, then what water should we drink, by the way, you also drink water by tap, also drink packaged water and mineral water too!

We get tap water and packaged water easily! But mineral water is expensive which not everyone can buy! The water test coming from inside the ground varies everywhere! This water is sweet on some places, it is hard on some places!

We filter hard water from RO so that its hard water gets removed and it becomes drinkable! Packaged Water is for drinking only! But the amount of mineral in it is very less!

You get plenty of mineral in mineral water, so if we have available mineral water from the neighborhood, then we should drink mineral water, because it is very beneficial for our health! It is also very sweet to drink!

Conclusion ::

After today you can easily find out which water you are drinking and which water you should drink! According to your health you should drink mineral water! Because it keeps the amount of water in our body! And your body is very important!

If you have any question, you can ask us and share it with your friends! Thanks for reading this article!

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