How can liver be strengthened?

Symptoms of bad liver:

Anemia or anemia in the body
Constipation and hemorrhoids
Darkness in urination or less urination
Spots on the face, pimples, eczema and itching
Dark circles and lines result in eyes
Hormone imbalance in men and women
Weight Loss / Increase or Malnutrition
Throat problems
Headache, dizziness or trembling
Sudden loss of appetite
Smell in the mouth due to excess ammonia in the mouth
Abdominal swelling means the liver is enlarged.
Constant bitterness in the mouth is also a sign of liver failure.
Severe itching on the body
Dark yellow urine
Long overdose of unusual yellow stools
Swelling of the ankle, abdomen and legs, watering in the abdomen
Abdominal pain in the upper right side
Excess fatigue. Due to lack of nutrients, vitamins or glucose in the body at the time of need
Bleeding does not stop soon
If hepatitis is a problem, there may be a problem in liver pain, vomiting or nervousness.
Problems like shortness of breath, weakness, sudden weight loss occur when there is not enough protein in the liver
Bad liver is not able to dispose of ammonia, which can cause the brain to become imbalanced.

Here are some special foods that you can consume regularly to keep the liver strong.

Make juice by adding gourd, turmeric, coriander, gilloy and black salt :: Drinking this juice will automatically remove all the dirt from the liver.

Garlic :: Garlic has antioxidant properties which are considered very important for our body. It has been claimed in many scientific reports that the consumption of garlic helps a lot in keeping the liver healthy. . For this, you can also consume garlic up to morning in the morning with a glass of water.

You can also make juice by adding carrot, amla and rock :: salt. Drinking this juice will reduce inflammation of the liver in just 1 week.

Spinach, beet juice :: Spinach, beet juice and drink one pinch of ground peppercorns. This will not only remove your blood loss, but also the liver will be healthy.

Papaya :: Papaya keeps you hydrated as well as provides many essential nutrients to your body. Papaya can also prove to be very effective for strengthening the liver. Also actively acts in detoxifying the liver. Therefore, you can definitely consume papaya at least 2 times in a week.

Spinach :: Spinach contains a vitamin-C content. Vitamin C as an antioxidant strengthens the immunity of our body which also acts to protect our liver from weakening. Therefore, consuming spinach juice can keep the liver from becoming weak.

Lemon :: Take lemon tea, salad or lemon once a day. Lemon is helpful in removing toxins from the body. It does not allow pancreatic stones to develop. Not only this, it also increases your digestion.

Blackberry :: It has anti inflammatory properties. It is a property that acts to prevent various types of inflammation in the body. At the same time, blackberry is also helpful to reduce inflammation in liver due to any reason.

Turmeric :: Due to the antioxidants in turmeric, it also works to protect our body from many other diseases. To keep the liver strong and to keep its functioning running smoothly, the consumption of turmeric can also be proactively helpful.

Amla :: According to a research published at the National Center for Biotechnology Information, Amla can also be consumed to keep the liver strong. It is also considered to be very beneficial for skin whitening.

Apple Vinegar :: By eating this, you will avoid liver poisoning. Take it before eating. It digests fat quickly. Mix one tablespoon vinegar in a glass of water. Then add a tablespoon of honey to it. Now drink this solution three times a day. This will keep your liver clean.

Carrots :: Carrots have anti-oxidant properties. Which helps to keep the liver healthy. It also has vitamin, mineral properties. You can use carrots as a salad or juice.

Green Tea :: Green tea is a good treatment for liver problems. A good amount of catechins are found in it, which helps the liver to function well.

Have a good sleep: If you sleep for 8 full, then your health will always be good, lack of sleep is also not good for your liver. Due to lack of sleep, there is more pressure on the liver, in such a situation, it is necessary for you to get a full 8 hours of sleep.

Eat less sweet :: More sweet is not good for health and also proves extremely dangerous for liver. Eating too much of sweet can also cause diabetes, so do not take more sweet things for healthy and avoid it.

Walnuts :: Walnuts contain omega 3 fatty acids. Buckwheat can also be consumed for many more health benefits including liver problems.

Brokli :: Brokli can be helpful in case of liver disease. It also makes the liver strong.

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