What is the way to snake away from home?

With the onset of the rainy season, the city or village remains fearful due to the bite of poisonous snakes. There is no other way than to call the snake experts. At the same time, due to excessive busyness these people are not able to reach on time due to the right time and distance, so I will try to help by suggesting some home remedies.

You can call and call the snack catcher to drive the snake away from home. But sometimes it happens that emergency situation arises and there is no one at home and if you want protection from snake, then you can take normal measures for it.

Plant of Naga Dauna – In Chhattisgarh, it is also called Dauna Leaf. Plant a plant of Nag Daun in your courtyard. A strong smell is found in the plant of Nag both. Which prevents the snake from coming close to this plant, so by planting this plant at home, you can easily stop snakes from coming in and around you. By which we will be safe and our friend snakes will be safe at most. I have written this thing because people kill a small snake (2 to 3 feet) only which is very sad.

Garuda Fruit :: – It is a rare tree found in the forests of Amarkantak and Satpura. But it will be found in the nursery. Or please do not forget to bring it whenever you go to Amarkantak. Looks like a Takshak snake. Seeing this, snakes do not enter the house. So hang it at the entrance of the house. It is said that snakes do not enter the house by keeping it.

Snake Gandha :: – This plant can be easily planted in pot or on land. There is complete knowledge of one such plant in Ayurveda. It is small in size and also has vermilion colored flowers which are very beautiful to see. According to this, the smell emanating from this plant is also very pungent, due to which the smell says that normal snakes do not burst near it. Due to this special quality, it is called snake Gandha.

You must bring it from the nursery and place it in the courtyard of your house.

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