What is piles? Is there any home remedy for this?

Hemorrhoids is a disease associated with the anus. It can happen to anyone.

About 70% of people in India have hemorrhoids once in their lifetime. Women are prone to piles after pregnancy. It is very much for obese people or those who have more constipation.

The first stage of piles is constipation. If you remain constipated continuously for one to one and a half years, then later it takes the form of piles. Now let’s talk about what is hemorrhoids

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There are two types of hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids!

In internal hemorrhoids, the veins inside you get punctured and blood starts coming from them. When you go to the toilet, blood comes during defecation, some people come once or twice and some people start bleeding continuously and they start getting scared even after going to the toilet. In this case there is a lack of blood in the body.

External hemorrhoids are also called bad piles. In this case, there is a slight swelling or warts on the outer side of your anus. Because of those warts, you feel a little uncomfortable, nor are you able to sit well and itching etc. Can not drive bike or scooter for long time. All the muscles attached to the anus cause pain. In such a situation, you want that in some way or the other, you can get relief as soon as possible.

Now let us talk about how you will get relief from piles? There are many home remedies and medicines are also available for piles.

Let us first talk about home remedies. If you are constipated. So first of all, to get rid of constipation, you have to correct your diet? Go for a walk every morning. Drink water more and more. 3 to 4 liters. Stop drinking tea on an empty stomach as soon as you wake up in the morning. And eat curd once a day and consume salad daily.

If your piles is in the first stage or the second stage, then you can adopt home remedies such as.

Bell Marmalade

Bael fruit is easily available. You bring its marmalade and consume it daily. It keeps your stomach in shape. If you are constipated, it helps in curing constipation.


Bakayana is also known as Mahanimba. It is a tree of the Neem family. There are small gutlias on it. These dried kernels are available in the market. You brought them home. And make powder of them. Take this powder every morning and evening with buttermilk or lassi.

Radish juice.

It is said that radish juice is also used. Gives a lot of benefit in removing constipation. Drink half a cup of radish juice every afternoon, half an hour or 10 minutes after eating.

Now let’s talk about some Ayurvedic. About medicines.


Abhayarishta is a combination of many herbs. You will get it at Ayurvedic shop. You can use any brand. Take it of Patanjali or Baidnath every day after half an hour or 10 minutes after eating. This will help in correcting your stomach.


If you do not get benefit from home remedies, then homeopathy can also be taken. It is said that hemorrhoids are treated very well in homeopathy. In this too, you will have to take medicine continuously for one to one and a half months.

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