Careful! Too much light at night can increase the risk of thyroid cancer

Cancer is one of the serious diseases. During studies at the American Cancer Society, it was found that there is an excess of artificial light at night with the risk of thyroid cancer.

Cancer is considered to be a very dangerous disease, its treatment is negligible and if it is treated then it is very expensive which a person of normal income cannot afford. People are shaken by the name of the word cancer.

We all know that there are many stages of cancer and there are many types of cancer. Such as bone cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, thyroid cancer. A recently published online study published in a peer reviewed American Cancer Society found that there is an excess of artificial light at night with increased risk of thyroid cancer. To this, researchers said that some breast cancers may share a common, hormone-dependent mechanism with thyroid cancer.

At the same time, he is ready to emphasize that his findings are not equipped to prove that night light causes thyroid cancer, it is the only association. He said that light-based interference in a person’s hormones and natural circadian rhythms may occur at play.

Researcher Qian Xiao told in a journal that while supporting the role of nocturnal light exposure and looking at circadian interference, we hope that our study will help researchers investigate the relationship between nocturnal light and cancer and other diseases Will inspire

At the same time, a thyroid expert said for the study that thyroid cancer has been growing continuously in the United States for decades and new research would try to provide us with another explanation for the increasing incidence of thyroid cancer in the United States between 1970 and 2010. Huh. Dr. Gaddy Har-El reports that he is head of head and neck surgery and oncology at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, as well as that some of the increase can be attributed to better diagnosis and prognosis, but increased thyroid diagnosis This may not be the only explanation for the rise in cancer incidence.

Now if considered by the group of Xiao, then night light suppresses natural melatonin, which is a modulator of estrogen activity. Very low melatonin activity may help reduce the body’s ability to fight tumors, with researchers saying that night light can also disrupt the body’s circadian rhythm, which is also a cancer risk factor.


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