Benefits of Green Tea, Drink Time, Practice and Loss

What is Green Green?

The use of green tea leaves not only keeps you healthy, but it helps us in fighting many types of diseases (Green Tea Benefits). To prepare green tea, its leaves are broken and promptly treated. It contains more catechin than oolong tea and black tea, which is a type of antioxidant.

Regular drinking of green tea helps in blood pressure control, improves digestion power, relieves brain and heart problems. Its biggest advantage is that this tea also helps in weight loss and does not allow bad cholesterol to increase. In our article today, we will tell you that the benefits of green tea (green tea ke fayde) have been done, the right way to drink green tea, the benefits of green tea, the right time to drink green tea and its Some damage. Read from bed ahead.

Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is most effective in reducing diabetes and obesity. It also avoids the risk of getting a dangerous disease like cancer to some extent. Green tea benefits are very beneficial for brain, health as well as hair and heart. Next we will know from further bed that there are more benefits of green tea.

Benefits of Green Tea to Reduce Weight

If you want to reduce your weight but do not want to diet then green tea is for you, green tea is a good source for those who do not get yoga or exercise during work. According to a fresh report, if you drink a cup of green tea on an empty stomach in the morning, then you can reduce your weight in a very short time. Even with this, you can reduce your weight by 1-2 kg in just one week.

Benefits of lemon green tea

Drinking lemon in green tea is the most beneficial and who does not like lemon tea and it is also very easy to make. If you drink neemu in green tea, then it enhances its taste and at the same time it also sees a good effect in its health. If you want to be healthy, drink lemon green. Vitamin C is very important for health, which is easily available by drinking lemon tea.

Green tea benefits for heart

Green tea reduces the risk of fatal diseases like heart and stroke by reducing bad cholesterol in the body and it also helps in keeping the heart cells healthy.

Benefits of Green Tea for Diabetes

The benefits of drinking green tea are to avoid diabetes. Diabetes patients eat or drink anything, especially any sweet thing, so their sugar level increases. If you want to keep your sugar level normal, then consume green tea regularly.

Benefits of Green Tea in Reducing Fat (Green Tea Benefits)

If you are worried about your obesity, then green tea can be a panacea for you. Green tea not only reduces obesity but also increases digestive power. The nutrients in it help you keep your weight normal.

Benefits of green tea

Yes, green tea is very beneficial for strengthening your bones, the high fluoride present in green tea strengthens bones and also nourishes bones. Green tea not only makes the bone strong, it is very helpful in increasing bone density, green tea is a good source for aging people.

Advantages of green tea to increase immunity

Green tea is very effective in enhancing the immunity of the disease. Two types of nutrients like polyphenols and flavonoids present in it help the body to fight against infection and help to keep the emuin system strong.

Benefits of green tea for hair

If you have a hair fall problem, then green tea can be useful for you to avoid it. Regular drinking of green tea relieves the problem of vitamin B ball springs present in it, as well as it eliminates double-stranded hair. The anti-oxidant present in it makes the hair soft and thick.

Green tea benefits in reducing stress

Elements called polyphenols in green tea are helpful in reducing depression. At the same time, the caffeine present in green tea also plays an important role in reducing stress. At present, there is no scientific argument to what extent it works.

Types of Green Tea

By the way, you will find many types of green tea in the market, among them we are giving the names of some popular green tea.

Cucicha Green-Tea, Gain Macha Green-Tea, Gyokuro Green-Tea, Jasmine Green-Tea, Haujiocha Green-Tea, Bilochan Green-Tea, Macha Green-Tea, Dragon Well Green-Tea, Morocco Mint Green-Tea and Sencha Green -T.

The right time to drink green tea

The best time to drink green tea is to drink it in the morning, you can drink it between 9 to 11 in the morning, another benefit of this drink is that it helps to digest the morning snack. Cue morning breakfast is very important for the energy of the whole day, so if you want to be fit and healthy for the whole day, then drink green tea after morning breakfast. The benefits of drinking green tea on an empty stomach in the morning are the most, because of this, it reduces weight gain and cholesterol. See the benefits of green tea in the video.

Price Of Grenn Tea

You will find a variety of green tea varieties in the market and its prices are also different according to the colity, but it is not too expensive. Some of them are well known brands like Patanjali Green Tea, Lipton Green Tea, Tetley Green Tea etc. (Also Read: – Cloves | 10 Benefits, Uses and Disadvantages of Cloves)

If you talk about the price then it is also very cheap and you will find it easily in the shops or it is available in the online store. As it is uncovered, it is found in packets in the shape of a tea bag.

First of all, when talking about the price of Patanjali Green Tea, its 100 gram is priced at Rs 55, the same Lipton Honey Lemon Green Tea Bag 100 Pis Green Tea is priced at Rs 446.

Green tea banane ki vidhi

The way to prepare it is very easy.

First boil 1 cup of water on low heat, when the water boils, reduce or turn off the heat and put green tea leaves or tea bags in it. Now cover it for 2 minutes and give it a ends, now filter it in a cup with the help of a sieve, you can add a little bit of flavor to it. Now mix it with the help of a spoon, your green tea is ready to drink.

Disadvantages of Green Tea – Side Effects of Green Tea

There are many benefits of green tea as well as its damage, excessive consumption can damage your body, it is very important to know the damage of green tea before it is done, read it from the bed below: –

Excessive green tea can cause iron deficiency in the body.
Pregnant women stay away from sipping green tea, it is good. Q It may also cause miscarriage.
Caffeine is found in green tea in excess, its intake can cause problems like fasting, insomnia and headache.
More green tea can weaken your digestive power, cue green tea contains an element called caffeine.
Drinking large amounts of green tea increases the risk of anemia.

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